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Trip in the Netherlands

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I will be in the NL between Aug 16-25, and I will most likely spend at least most of the trip in Amsterdam.

Does anyone have any recommendations for things to see and do?

Does anyone from the 0 A.D. community want to meet up in the NL?

Thanks in advance!

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Will this be ur first visit to Amsterdam and / or NL? I live pretty close to Amsterdam (in Utrecht, less than 30 min by train). I dont visit Amsterdam that often, but I do come there every now and than.

Ofc there are plenty of things to see there. You migh like this website: http://www.iamsterda...n-GB/Experience if you havent seen it already. There you can find lots of information about visiting Amsterdam.

Years ago I did a canal cruise in Amsterdam. Its pretty standard to do for tourists and though it may sound boring, I did like it a lot and its a great way to see the city. So I do recommend that.

2 weeks ago I visited 'Het Grachtenhuis' museum. Its still a very new museum and not so big. Its about how the city was constructed, how it developed and why it was build with all the canals and such. I really enjoyed it alot, also because all the information just comes right at you via sound and visuals. So if you'r interested in that kind of stuff I recommend that aswell. You can check out this website for more info: http://hetgrachtenhuis.nl/?lang=en. You can also order tickets there in advance (its a little cheaper) and if you dont wanna wait you can also book a timeslot there.

Are you visiting Amsterdam alone or with friends? We could meet up sometime if you like (although we dont really know each other yet :D). I myself will be in Switzerland from 16 - 21 of august. But perhaps after that we could meet up sometime.

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Thanks, Egbert! Your advice will definitely come in handy.

I am coming with a friend. We'd love to meet up and talk!

I didn't realize Utrecht was so close to Amsterdam. I have an Israeli friend in Utrecht, maybe I can arrange to meet you guys on the same day. I will e-mail you for further details.

Bastijn, thanks! I will try to work out a plan that incorporates a stop in Antwerp and let you know.

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Hey Aviv and Nadav!

Here are some small pics from our meeting:


You can find the rest of the pictures and the bigger versions here:


If you want the originals of some pictures, let me know.

It was very nice meeting you! And not only because of 0 AD :) I Enjoyed it alot and I even saw some new stuff myself so that was pretty nice too :) Perhaps we should do this kind of stuff more in the future, I suppose 0 AD contributors are widely spread across the planet, so plenty of interesting places to visit :D

Who knows, maybe il come visit you in Israel sometime!

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