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Archaeology (historical accuracy) help provided

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I can offer advice regarding historical accuracy. I am a finishing year Archaeology PhD student at the University of Cambridge (UK), specialising on the European Iron Age, meaning 800BC to 100AD. I am currently also doing part of the teaching related to it at the university. Hence I can provide very precise details about settlements (how the buildings should look like) but especially about equipment (particularly the warrior one). Furthermore I can provide details about the military tactics used by some populations. I have advanced knowledge about Dacians, Celts, Scordiski, Thracians, Moesi, Tribali. I am also quite knowledgeable regarding the Helenic area, Romans, partly Germans, Bretons and much more (mostly everything around in the Iron Age). Finally, I have a very good knowledge of the events of the Iron Age, which can be used in the implementation of the different campaigns/scenarios of the game.

I would like to help since I am a fan of RTS games, especially those set in the Iron Age and Antiquity. I have also some knowledge of programming (since I did some programming before going for Archaeology), but I doubt that I could be of any help in this respect.

Unfortunately time is a bit of an issue for me as I am quite swamped with my work. However, I am willing to get involved as much as I can (a couple of hours per week should be manageable).

Let me know if you are interested in my help and want me to apply.

Catalin Popa

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I would be interested in your offer but I would also propose several other things if you agree with them. Perhaps we can arrange some kind of meeting over the net (skype?) to settle things. I would probably need to work closely with Jeru in order to get the optimum results. I would be able to do tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon (UK time). Let me know.


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