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Phase II requirements


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I think the phases are too short. You don't need to play long to advance to the next phase. I suggest from phases 1 - 2 you need a certain pop also. Then an increased pop for phases 2 - 3 and a certain amount of techs researched

The phases will have longer duration when starting resources are lowered. ATM you have enough resources for 10 female citizens (500 food), 5 citizen infantry soldiers (250 food and wood) and the 5 needed buildings (~750 wood). If you start with 250 of each resource only you just have enough for 5 citizen soldiers or 5 female citizens and about 2 buildings. That will slow things down. The final costs of the phases can be balanced if more ingame experience is there IMO.

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Buildings changing between phases will not happen. Except maybe the Civ Centre, as a visual indicator. Some UI things might change between phases though, like Maybe a I, II, and III symbol indicating your phase and then some kind of audio/visual cue when the phase research is complete (I like Rise&Fall Civs at War for this).

I'd rather my art guys spend time improving the current buildings and...

Modeling new buildings for the brand new Mauryan India faction we want to create!

We'd also like to remake all of the unit body meshes for Blender compatibility.

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