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Server for multiplayer game on Linux (Ubuntu)

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I'm not a Linux user, however if I understand it correctly you can find a VPN provider/software for your Linux distribution, just search "VPN for Linux" and it will yield many useful links. Follow the instructions to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and advertise it to people so they'll join your network.

A central, dedicated server incorporated into the game is a much-wished feature in my opinion, however with limited fund it's not an easy feat. I still hope that it'll come into reality someday. ;)

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Linux is open source (free to use, free to modify), it also means there are no restrictions - you're in complete control. e.g. you can recompile the core of the operating system, the Linux kernel. You can't touch Mac's or Windows Kernel (and if you did try, you'd probably kill the machine :P). Linux makes things a lot easier to develop compared to other operating systems.

See http://www.informatics-tech.com/linux-vs-mac-vs-windows-unbiased-comparison.html for a more detailed comparison of the different operating systems.

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Whats so good about linux? why do some people have it, is it because it's free or does it have some other good features that windows/mac doesn't? i don't understand what it is.

Comparing Linux to Windows/Mac is like comparing 0 A.D. to Age of Empires, from the licensing point of view. Linux and 0 A.D. are free software (both GPL) and everyone can modify and improve them.

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