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Post your cities!


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How do i add pictures straight from a file? Not from the web...

EDIT: Sort of found out how, but every time i try, it says 'You must enter a post', even if i have words...

I don't think you can but like Kanzen said try Imageshack it's really easy

nice pic btw Kanzen

I may be mistaken but are those gates at the northern walls? Do gates work now ?

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The city grew! :banana:

....(Awesome pictures)

LOL, the ultimate.

EDIT: I just thought of a feature. It would be cool to be able to pause a single player custom map, then export it as its own custom map to be open-able in Atlas. Or maybe to just be able to open saved games in Atlas.

1) I have to say, that is an awesome city/fortress!

2) Mythos, that would actually be a very helpful took to have...

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