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Logo on wildfiregames.com

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This... might be kind of silly, but the JPEG artifacts on the Wildfire Games logo really bother me. If you could consider reducing the compression a bit, or switching to PNG, that'd be great.

Just for comparison:


The images are:

  • Original, with 7429 bytes.
  • Indexed PNG with 16 colors and 1644 bytes.
  • Indexed PNG with 256 colors and 3096 bytes.
  • True color PNG with 5249 bytes.
  • True color PNG with 4723 bytes, traced with inkscape

That's after some basic stuff to get rid of the artifacts, I'm sure it could be made smaller if you use the original image instead.

I hope this shows that PNGs are superior both in filesize and image quality. :P

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I have an AI file of this somewhere, but graphics tend to get passed around quite a bit, so there's never any consistency when it comes to the quality of our logos. For example the logo here has no artifacts because I used the vector file and then saved to a PNG, but the same can't be said for most instances on our website (notice how every 0 A.D. logo is slightly different). I'll pass this along to Brian for when he gets a chance to deal with this; not a top priority though.

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Hmm, I don't like the forum logo - the text looks like it was scaled down from a higher resolution, instead of producing it at the correct resolution (which is important for hinting). The "M" is not symmetric (the right vertical line looks thicker than the left vertical line), and nor is the "E" (bottom horizontal thicker than top), etc, so it all looks slightly unbalanced.

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