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The wiki currently has extremely limited documentation. A search of the forums says Jeru and Erik are set to update the documentation, but I haven't seen much evidence of activity in that respect. I'm trying to work on a few simple tickets, but without solid documentation I'm having a tough time of locating everything that needs to be located. So, is a structure already in place for documenting the game? If so, what is it or where can I find it? I've begun in a format based on the object or action being referenced here, if anyone cares to throw in what they know. Along with documenting past changes, I think that for every addition/change in functionality that could warrant a change to the documentation, the change should be required before the ticket is closed. If the person programming the patch doesn't want to do it, perhaps tagging the ticket with "document"?

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Ah, the SVN directory has a Doxygen config file at docs/doxygen/config.

I think that's the system you are looking for, as Doxygen is able to scan the source code and rebuild documentation based upon whatever recent changes have occurred. Making coders do it manually is unlikely to work, because we're lazy like that...

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http://svn.wildfiregames.com/docs/ is the out put (I have a feeling Philip will have to push a button for it to be updated, but at least the old stuff should be up-to-date. I'll talk to him.)

About Aviv and me, we (or at least I depending on how busy he is) will definitely look into improving the documentation. However, neither of us are programmers, so that part of the documentation I'm afraid we can't help out much with.

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