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3d Artist/Animator Application - Josef


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3d Artist/Texturer/Animator




josefg (at) gmx (dot) de


GMT +1, somewhere between Poland and Germany


Well, right now i'm not sure how much i can commit myself. I would definately be having some time to work on the game in the next six month, but since i have to earn a living (sometimes that can be quite time consuming and annoying) i just can't say if i would have 10 hours every week. The way i would like it to work out goes like this: To get me started, you throw some (easy) task at me. If i come up with something that you can actually use and and i enjoyed myself doing it, we can talk about regular contributions (and timetables).




Student, freelance webdesigner, part time bartender and currently doing an internship in a small claymation studio.

Skills and Experience:

I've done colerful blotches on white background for as long as i could hold a laptop. I've worked professionally (as long as you count "beeing paid for it" as beeing professional) as layout artist, graphic and web designer. I've only begun to work with 3d a year ago but am now fairly proficient with modeling (the main interest beeing on the organic/human modeling side), texturing, rigging in 3d (using only open source software for religious reasons), still struggling to get some life into whatever puppet i just made, trying not to obsess to much about f-curves.


I want to make a short animated film. And it should be a good one. I know, this has not so much to do with making a game, but bear with me for a moment.

Short Essay:

I've added the 0ad ubuntu ppa at least a year ago (don't remember where and when i found out about it), was really impressed (there aren't really any good open source rts games for linux around) and have been watching the development of the game ever since, checking with every update, if the ai has gotten any better. I definately want to see it finished some time. I've for a long been wanting to contribute to some kind of open source thing, since i strongly believe in it (see above) and with only some meagre php and python knowlegde, that isn't really that easy. Making a game however is something that - i think - i actually can contribute to. Also: I want to be able to open up the finished game and point to that bird, that loftily circles over the mountain tops and say "I made that".

On a technical note i think learning a low-poly-content creation workflow could be beneficial.

And lastly i'm really curious how that whole coordination of a large project via internet goes.

Interests and Hobbies:

I like to read books and half of them are usually comics. I like to draw my own comics and dream of beeing able to draw better and tell stories that somebody would actually want to read.


Does blenderartists count as a game forum?

Favorite Game:

Grim Fandango. I've still got both AoE and AoE2 original boxes somewhere under my bed, though.

Work Examples:

Ha! I found something that actually fits somehow:


Some more 3d stuff:




And a snapshot of what i'm working on right now:


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Well, i can't think of anything, i would not want to do. I could start off with something easy, like a small peace of vegetation, to see if i get the pipeline right (i've never actually exported something to collada). I would love to do animals, humans, buildings, trees. Ultimately i would really like to make something, that i can (at least partly) animate, too.

What do you have on your list, that's waiting to be done?

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