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More news/infos on the main website!


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first of all I must say I love 0AD... it's still a young alpha but it rocks, and even if there is this bad performance bug I constantly play with 0ad and follow news about it

Some news and infos are deepinside the forum, I think you should put them in the main website...

some ideas:

- next alpha feature preview

- next alpha expected release date

- faq - why I can't select Romans?

- more news about what you're doing... for example it would be nice to follow from the website the dev of the Persian civ!


keep on the great job... I love 0AD

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Well, I both agree and disagree =) The web site sure could be better, we've been aiming for a new site for quite some time, but web designers seems to be busy people so we haven't gotten very far so far. That has kept us away from doing much about the FAQ etc as it has seemed a bit pointless to do a lot of work on the old site.

On the other hand, we've wanted to keep the news in general from going into too much detail about the development so people who just want the big news has a chance to do that. If you want to follow the development closer you can do that by following the forums, IndieDB ModDB profile, Facebook page. That's not to say we couldn't do more, but just that we shouldn't do too much as some people don't want to know everything before they play the game (and don't want to play the game until it's finished) and at least don't want to know much more than the releases. The exact balance is of course hard to find, so thanks for your suggestions. We'll think about them and see if we can do some of it. In general though: if you want to follow the development more closely the other places are more useful than the news on the main site (and will continue to be).

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A few games have development blogs which would contain more information about significant new changes to the game, this would stop the problem of people not wanting to know too much (if they read it then they can assume spoilers will appear). Most significant features end up getting a post in the development & technical discussion forum currently, but this is not very well organised and is often in a rough form because people want feedback while it is being developed. This idea would rely on people taking the time to post things there of course, I don't know how much people would want to do that, it definitely shouldn't be a requirement.

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