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Official server in Hamachi ?

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Ok So in this first page you will be the latest news about


So for the beginners i made some tutorials for explain you how to log in server ans how to play 0 AD in multiplayer :

Now you know 0 AD and you know how to work Hamachi so i put here the list of all the 0 AD officials servers ( official in what sense ? official because they are provided just for playing 0 AD ). This list will be update regulary. Also the players that they play a lot and who do live to the community will be honored here.

The LIST :

Name of the server : 0 ad official server

Pass : caesar

Members :


-Dread_Boy ( Good member )



-zaphzaph ( it's me )

Name of the server : 0 ad official server 2

Pass : caesar

Members :

- Esp

- iHostLegi

- Tribalbeat ( one of the most terrible player, i have not win never against him )

- user-5324ed21e4

- zaphzaph

Name of the server : 0 ad official server 3

Pass : caesar

Members :

- AlexisAurélien-VAIO

- B4tman

- mazert

- Slate-PC

- zaphzaph

Name of the server : 0 ad official server 4

Pass : caesar

Members :

- fnlprdgy

- mcognv

- prodigal son

- Pur3Evil274s

All the servers will be added soon



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So, I create a new official server for all the gamers in 0 ad.

For Hamachi user : Login : 0 ad official server Password : 0 ad

You can join our games.

when i try to join the server, Hamachi says: "Error, password refused".

Are you sure you can use a password with blank spaces?

EDIT: i have just seen this thread, and the password is changed (now is caesar). I've tried with the new password and now i am able to log in to the server

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Oh excuse me sir.

I have write the bad password.

The new official password is : caesar

Excuse me for my mistake.

Now everybody can rejoin me !

Answer for pottah's quotes : In fact you have to waiting me and i create a game at the IP :

So don't hesitate to chat with me in hamachi. When you are ready i can play.

In few time i will post a video for explain : How can i connect in 0 ad official server more simply ?

So we wait you with the Alpha 8 or with the SVN version !

Come on guys !!!

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Official server is full.

I created a new one so everybody can join. Notice that if you reach full server info msg, create a new server with next step "0 ad official server2" and so on. Password should be repeated.

Server : 0 ad official server1

Pass: caesar


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I understand your point of view. But in fact, these are the first servers of 0 ad and also in the beginning of the topic i ask advices and the permission to all the actors of the development of 0 AD. So i don't see in what way we are not affiliated with Wildfire Games... If you want you can be log into these servers, you are welcome !!

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My personal opinion is the same as Arthur_D's, 'official' means responsibility/management/keeping track etc. by the official team (i.e. Wildfire Games), e.g. this twitter account can be called official (but there is no such word in its description btw).

Wildfire Games currently don't have plans to manage Hamachi servers anyhow and there is no such need as I can see, so I believe they should not be called official.

In the same time since people use them, it is good that community members create them and share here on the forums (in this topic in particular). Ideally I think here should be one pinned topic with instructions and servers list in the first post (which its creator will keep up to date). zaphzaph are you interested in doing this with this topic (editing/updating the first post)?

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I see your personnal opinion as a good opinion. In fact . I think that Wildfire Games wants to make this but i can adapt myself.

I can also editing regulary the first post :yes3: !

So no problem and you come on in these Hamachi servers !! :sword_rune: Let's playing together !!!

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