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0 A.D. on YouTube

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Mais um vídeo interessante do Ágora 0ad!!  More interesting video of Agora 0ad !!


Great video from @ValihrAnt  

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46 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

He reupload an old video by official channel.

Oh sorry. :brickwall:

I just posted a bunch of videos I found for last week. I think it's not possible to delete post here?

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Is it okay to post my own videos here? I think this one is exciting so I want to show you fast! Also I want to mention how apparent the lack of a scaling mechanism becomes when playing at 4k.  I think this is the first true 4k 0 A.D. video on youtube?

The game looks amazing in 4k, I had some transcoding problems which caused some sparkling when the frame info changes too much, next time I will try to upload uncompressed if my internet will take it.

I think the game loses extra frames when units are selected, and gains frames when units are deselected?

I hope you have a nice day. :)


(Edit: I have erred, I had forgotten to mention the extent of my appreciation for the community members who have posted my youtube videos to this thread. Thank you, I greatly appreciate it. I know you guys are basically just adding literally every single 0 A.D. video that gets posted to youtube, but that does not give me cause to appreciate it any less. We all appreciate it greatly.)

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