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0 A.D. on YouTube


Message added by maroder,

0 A.D. has it's own YouTube gaming topic!


If you just want to watch some videos about 0 A.D. you can subscribe to that page.

If you create videos featuring 0 A.D. and you want them to show up on that page, be sure to:

include "0 A.D Empires Ascendant" in the title or the description or the tags and choose the correct game in the Gaming category of your video details. (Yes, the spelling does presumably matter) 

See these links for help on how to do it: Edit video settingsHow does my video show up on that page

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Oooh, cheers very much for posting my video here! I was going to say hello to all the 0AD community again now that I'm getting back into it with Alpha22, but I suppose this is as good as anything! :D

I look forward to doing a whole load of games for you guys here & getting them on youtube.

Soon enough I'll also be setting up my twitch stream for when I get back into the multiplayer. So keep an eye out!

Well done to all the devs for their work on the new alpha, the more I check it out and play games, the better it gets! It's awesome, really. ^^

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10 hours ago, Lion.Kanzen said:


He's quite decent though looks like an easy opponent. This game reminds me on my game last night testing Hannibal Barca's mod.

I had a very hard AI opponent in Romans but controlled the game easily and leisurely building up to max pop (300)and finishing and testing all upgrades. I expanded 2 more CC and leisurely making my main base look beautiful. I had already close to 300 pop with maybe a little less than 40 women when the Romans started attacking with 5 rams, some champions and mixed citizen soldiers. I scrambled to defend and when the battle ended and contained him I lost my 2 expanded CC and the Rams got destroyed very close to the gates of my main CC. I lost more than 100 units including champs:mellow: 

Though I did not really put up much defensive strategy including structures it showed that you can't be complacent with the AI. The one thing they do best is when they can constantly have resources including trades. The more they have resources the more the battle becomes interesting. And if you're battling st least 3 very hard AI the more it's fun as they produce more resources with trades/market. 

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@wowgetoffyourcellphone Yeah, terribly sorry the quality hasn't been that great, only really just noticed how naff it looks. Well, maybe not terrible but certainly not what I was aiming for. I had my OBS set up for Dominions4 which is definitely not as graphically intensive as 0AD. I should have that rectified for the next videos I do in the series (should be up later tonight!)

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Oooh, that's very odd, I didn't notice that. I've changed my resolution settings but you won't see them take effect until my last episode which I'm going to have (with the rest of them!) uploaded this evening. Terribly sorry, I hope that doesn't annoy any of you too much (it's only a minor bug after all :P)

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