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0 A.D. on YouTube


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"0 A.D. is ready to do a big push, this has the potential to be one of the greatest games out there. I think they're now gonna be on the path. [...] If they reach their funding, and I truly hope they do, this is going to be a showcase game. Not just for Linux, this is gonna be a showcase game for open source games. I think that's why 0 A.D. is a little more important than your average bear, because it has so much potential. [...] If it's something this compelling, I think it's gonna make it."


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We need try to expand the messages to other languages. In order try more fans, many people asking me things because I feed in Spanish the news of the forums. Because even I see in Japanese and Chinese pages retweet about game. And many Spanish people Latin and Iberic are fans about RTS. Found riser can be more easily to explain to other people.

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He say Naukratis15 :( , whatever he is good to explain features in Spanish.

He say "quince" (kinzei) menas 15 in spanish.

Is important say about fundraiser in other languages many people in this YouTube video don't understand how tha game looks so professional and can be free, and asking for donations .

Mayorcete is member of this forum I guess.

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