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Games similar to AOM?

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hi all

Just wondering if there are any games similar to age of mythology that i could play while waiting for o ad to be completed, i have played aom for years but there are very few players left who play it online so its not as much fun anymore. I am really after a game that focuses equally on military and economy although these days i know how rare these sort of games are. Anyways if anybody has any suggestions please let me know, i have heard about a series called Total War but even the name suggests that its not really what i am looking for, never the less if some of you think its any good then please let me know because i will consider trying it or any other suggestions that you have. Oh and the game does not have to have myth units, i am not that picky.

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Actually single player Total War games have a highly developed economic and social system. You can also have multiple generals and family members with individual traits and custom retinues. It's basically a two-tiered game. Tier 1 is the strategic level with city management with regional economies, a dozen+ unique generals and family members, population problems, army upkeep, etc. Tier 2 is the tactical level with real-time battles and sieges.

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Ok i might try it then, which Total War game do you recommend i get? According to Wikipedia there are a tonne of them

My favourite would probably be Rome TW, it is pretty old by now though, or maybe Medieval 2. I think the gunpowder ones (Empire, Napolean) aren't as good since the tactics are so different.

I would mention that they are a completely different style to the Age series, since the economic side is turn based and on continent scale. I found them very fun though.

Have you played any of the command an conquer series? They are less economy focused but are very good games as well.

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These last years, the game industry focused on facebook and RPGs, so there aren't many new good RTSs. If you don't mind to play old (but good) RTSs, then i can recommend you Warcraft 3, Empire Earth 3, Age of Empires 3, Starcraft 2, Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends, Command & Conquer 3, Alexander and Battle for the Middle Earth 2.

If you want Turn-Based Strategy, then play "Heroes of Might and Magic" III or V or "Civilization V", both are very good games, you won't regret.

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Definately Aoe, but hell, Aom is a spinoff

Sooo. What about Rise and fall Civilisations at war? And it's aparently free now too. (news to me, as i purchased it :()

Oh and if you still play aoe2, you should certainly play Age of Chivalry : Hegemony, its a total conversion (BADASS) Mod.

Warcraft 3? But only for the custom games. Though i wouldn't hope for much

The online is full of hosting bots Purely for dota.

Stronghold! (and Kingdoms! Online Stronghold - evony Spinoff, badass game) and 3 will be coming out soon :)




Can't think of any more, will be back tomorrow with fresh ideas :)

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Stronghold is an excellent game, though it can be challenging at times, the key is to understand how the economy works. The economy is all about having storage and population space for resources, weapons, and the peasant population, managing resource collection and taxation of the peasantry, and managing production chains for bread, ale, and weapons. Try the economic campaign and missions to learn how to build a prosperous economy, the real key to the game. If it had skirmish like Stronghold Crusader, Stronghold 2, and Stronghold Legends, I probably wouldn't play the others besides Crusader much. Okay, so the graphics are bad, but what do you expect from a 2D game from 2001?

Stronghold 3, which is out in October, looks to be the best in the series. Stronghold Kingdoms looks great, I am playing the beta, and like what I am seeing; comparing it to Evony is a fair assessment, and I believe it is a better game.

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I don't mind playing older games, the only problem is that most old games have very few players on multiplayer so its often hard to get much decent playing time. I have played star craft 2 for a little while, its defiantly not short on players but i think the game lacks depth as there's really no room for variety on the economy side of things. The entire economy of sc2 is all about controlling a certain number of basis, saturating those basis and protecting the basis. Thats about it! Once you have a decent understanding of the game it comes down mostly to apm. I dont really like the idea of turned based games but i suppose i should not be so closed minded. I guess i am just far to picky.

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I would recommend, that is if you like "old" and OLD games:

- Battle for middle earth (1, didnt like no. 2)

- AoK, AoE (daha)

- Empires: Dawn of the modern world (epic!)

- Settlers 3 (for some reason, no. 3 is the only one I really like, its old though)

- C and C Generals (Modern game, not bows and swords)

- Warcraft 3 (agree with this one person above, custom games are fun)

- Empire Earth (no. 1, they destroyed the fun-ness in the other 2)

And for some reason, people started giving you turn-based games, and if you do like them:

Lord of the realms 2 (I know its old, I know the graphics are bad, but it is so awesome I can't help but recommend it to you)


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I still have Settlers 2 here and i found it funnier than the third. Well, if you want to play online, Starcraft 2 mods are your option, since its editor is the most powerful and easy to use of the games industry, you can customize unit names, stats, function, create new units with 3D Studio Max... Have a try at Populous' single player, it is very fun still, if you like, you could try out the Black and White series, wich is a game far different of AoM, but it is still a RTS (You're literally a god and have to win the population below's faith and use them against your rival god).

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