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Just throwing an idea :

A big clue to know if the path may need to be recomputed is to check if the pathfinder modified it's abstract maps. It can be done by checking if "CCmpPathfinder.m_Grid->m_DirtyID" changed since last time you check it.

Note that it is not perfect :

- It is not triggered, you need to check periodically

- m_DirtyID is updated only if the pathfinder where asked to compute a path, so it can be unchanged while the line is invalid (until something ask for a path) (*)

- m_DirtyID can be changed due to a modification on the map not influencing your path

(*) Note, there is "CCmpObstructionManager.m_DirtyID" which is the same value except it is modified any time something change in the map. But it is private without accessor.

And finally : I like the solution to recompute only when the building is (re-)selected.

It is simple and will work very well in practice. Except, maybe, if you like to place rally points in middle of enemy territory and looking at the line during minutes.

My humble opinion : All that stuff seems to be very hacky. KISS, do it on building selection ;)

KISS is probably indeed the way to go here. The rally point marker lines are entirely non-mission-critical anyway, and the patch is already quite large as it is. Going out of our way to add some fancypants recalculation scheme does not seem to be worth the effort at this point :)

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By the way, here's a screenshot of how the dashed lines work across the SoD (haven't had time to post these earlier). Since these screenshots were taken the color of the dashes has changed to red inside the SoD and the brightness is now even across the entire line, but the general idea is still the same:


More imagery at http://imgur.com/a/XIEzq

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Looking good :)

Hey, this graphical representation would be great for displaying a trader's path between a market/dock and destination. It would default to the shortest path.

You could also perhaps allow the player to select a portion of the line to click and drag (creating a waypoint) if you wanted the trader to go another way besides default (kinda like google maps).

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Also There are some buildings without the rally point feature.

Do you mean buildings which can train units, but it is not possible to set rally point for them? I found such problem only for Celtic Tavern (fixed in r10411), if there is some other then please report. Thanks for notice in any case :)

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I like the rally point to be dashed line with in the territory and a solid line outside own territory.

Also it would be better they shown in miimap too.

Currently the dashed lines are used to hide the rally point's path inside the shroud of darkness. What would you suggest to use for that instead if dashes are already used inside a player's own territory?

As for the minimap, I agree -- displaying rally points on the minimap would be very useful as it would allow for faster navigation than following the line on the map. What kind of visual indicator do you suggest for that?

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