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Tower Defense

Hi, 3 days after downloading 0 A.D. i want to present my first map/mod. :)

Its a Tower Defense with 5 towers and 10 waves of creeps.

I want to show you some ingame screenshots but such a function is not integrated. :(

Heres a an overview of the map:


I attached the alpha version.

Have fun!

Tower Defense (alpha).zip

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Its a Tower Defense with 5 towers and 10 waves of creeps.

I played your mod a bit and I like it :) It looks raw of course, but it is a good start and it is already playable, which is nice.

I call this 'mod' rather than 'scenario' because currently it is impossible to embed all this logic into map, and maybe this will be impossible to fit it into scenario even later when pyrogenesis will have triggers support.

Btw, pyrogenesis have mods support and you can perform following to run this as mod:

1. create some folder (for example 'towerdefense') in binaries/data/mods folder

2. copy into binaries/data/mods/towerdefense content of archive (art, maps and simulation folders)

3. run "pyrogenesis -mod=towerdefense"

Another small note: I can see images from hosting which you use only via proxy.

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Map is set on "hidden" so I couldn't find it in the map list to play it.

EDIT: Just played the mod with Sanya's instructions and I have to say: Bravo! Awesome work!! Works exactly as advertised!

End of desktop shortcut should look like this: pyrogenesis.exe" -mod=towerdefense

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