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No Space Between Boats


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I suggest to implement a formation with lines , the first line with heavy ships, the second line with medium ships and the third with the lightest ones.

In the past week, the documentary "the Destiny of Rome" was broacasted on the German/French TV channel named ARTE. If you can, try to catch it, it worth it.

In the second part of the movie, a big animation of the battle of Actium has been build in 3D.

This battle occured in 33 BC between the Antony's fleet and the Octavian's fleet, more than 500 warships engaged in the battle (so few).

You can distinctly see the ships formations and how to engage the battle with Roman ships.

The documentary has been done with a small budget and green screens on a small movie set, but animations work fine and he gives us a good vision of what a Roman battlefield was.


Trailer here:


and some capture of the film are attached to this

It's very instructive, you should try to see it.







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