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Polish Translation

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We're wanting to finish the game design and features before translating, else it would be an ongoing process of outdated translations each day new GUI elements are added.


I understand. But can I get some instruction for translating now? I'm interested about this parts of gui which are done now. I will translate them now, and new elements of GUI I'l translate when I get them later.

I think it will be faster because when the game is going to be done I'm going to end this translation with the game.


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Tarzan - maybe I could help you with it. Though I prefer playing games in English I can help you so the other Poles could play this very interesting game even if they do not know English. And do not be afraid of my ability to write in English - while I still have small problems with writing in English I can read and translate English texts very well.

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Compared to some games it should be fairly simple to get to a Polski version (once the systems are in place that is); the unit and building names are all in their original languages so they shouldn't need to be translated, which must cut the work down a bit. It's good to hear that later versions will be translatable, anyhow; good to get the work out to as many parts of the world as possible.

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