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A busy day in a busy bay in Iberia


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<blockquote>A busy day in a bay in Iberia. Iberian merchantships are docking, trying to trade their wares with merchants from the far north and Greece. Fishing ships are unloading their catches or are heading to their favourite fishing spots. A Persian war vessel is sailing along to make a visit to this beautiful city in Iberia.</blockquote>


Click for larger image.

The artists have done a great job recently. Putting up some nice ships and buildings in the game.

This image shows the "entire" Iberian fleet, which only consists of merchant and fishing ships, as well as some new Celtic ships. The recently made Greek merchant vessel is also anchored at the docks.

In the city there are some new buildings to be found, like some new houses, an improved Outpost and a new Market.

For anyone who is wondering: the scaffold is just an eyecandy object, curently not in the game.

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Nice work!

Will some units as that ships be better in one culture that in others?

Through technology etc some civilizations will have, for example better ships. Also, some unit types will only be available for some civilizations, so one should be prepared to play the different civilizations a bit differently to take advantage of their strength.

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