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0 A.D. Rise of the East Mod


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Hehe, I also thought of changing the colors of the buttons :)

Unfortunately I do not really like the wood patterns you used in your buttons. :( Also it seems that the buttons in the main menu do not have the correct length (visible when you hover over them)

Lastly I would like to preserve the original font in the RotE symbol




So instead of the calligraphy font the font that is also used in ModDB page such as http://media.moddb.com/cache/images/downloads/1/46/45654/thumb_620x2000/rotepreviewimage.1.jpg (it's the same font that 0 A.D. uses but with different effects)

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The other alternative is using black buttons. There are not much options to changing buttons the background need be dark , because text is white and buttons need be contrast or be harmony.

Now the problem with typo is the font dont look asían.

I'll try to create an other proposal but today haven't time.

My last design was blue porcelain but don't like to you guys?

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Better, yes!

I think though that you need to change your 3D effect. Because of the shadow to the left it looks too short when you hover over it:


I don't mind the font not looking really Asian. That font style has been introduced long ago in the moddb page and it would be nice to integrate it into the mod itself too. (besides, it looks good after all)

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Wow I feel old now, don't have exams anymore! Sorry for your flu Lion.Kanzen. And best luck for your exams and school projects, Niektb and stanislas69! Sometimes we amateurs tend to forget you people have lives!

Well I guess I Just have to wait then. I just hope I won't have to wait until the next alpha release :laugh:

Take care!

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