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Brainstorm for the designers


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I have played the game with a friend and i injoyed it, but ofcourse whe had some suggestions:

-hotkeys make the game more playable (we used litterally thousands of mouseclicks to play the game).

1.ctrl+1-9 to select groups with a hotkey would be great to have

2. dubbelclick to select the same units and/ or buildings would be nice: lets say i want to train 40 villagers in 40 houses, i just want to dubbelclick 1 house and select them all 40 because of the dubbelclick and click the train a villager once to train 40 villagers. ( this will save 80-3=77 mouseclicks...). The same for selecting 10 baraks at once etc...

3. I would like to use shift to train 5 units at once instead of clicking 5 times and i would like to click a button to let a barack and other buildings train units continiously, unless i unclick the button.

4. the economy is to fast or the units to cheap, it is a very fast game, inwhich the best units are trainable almost immediately, while the coolest thing about RTS is the building up of a empire ( not nesseceraly by aging up a few times).

5. Because of the speed of the economy, the resources are gone very fast. Within only a few minutes there where no resources left on the map.

By the way, whe really like the game, so thanks for making it!

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1. Control groups are on the way! They've been in the design documents for a while, they just haven't been implemented yet. But yes, we do need some efficient hot keys up in here. Hotkeys make this possible:


2. We do have double-clicking to select objects of the same type, as of alpha 3. Check it out! I believe we do have eventual plans for splitting/duplicating build orders when multiple buildings of the same type are selected (but you're right, not yet).

3. Neat idea.

4. Remember that this is an alpha release. In the future, what buildings (and as a result, what units) you'll be able to construct will be limited by what phase your settlement is in - Village, Town or City. You can expect balanced gameplay to be introduced come our Beta releases. Until then, our releases will serve only to demonstrate a current snapshot of the developmental process.

Thanks for your feedback! We'd love to hear more about how we could potentially improve 0 A.D.! :)

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