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I'm an experienced programmer from Vancouver, Canada that is looking to expand my horizons into game development. 0 A.D. looks great, with very high production values. I've downloaded the source from SVN and am getting familiar with the project.

My background is in Database (Oracle), Server Administration (Linux), 2-d rasterization / visualization (C++), internationalization and iOS development (iPhone, iPod, iPad). I can also hack together OpenGL ES2 shaders..

Thanks for making the project open source; I hope to contribute back in any way that I am useful.


Kearwood "Kip" Gilbert

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Hi! my name is Leonardo i'm from Chile and, like several ppl here, i'm a big fan of RTS games, i discovered 0AD searching for Open source or free medieval MMORPGs, i also am starting into game creation hobby. I've played few times the alpha of 0AD and i see it's a very promissing game, keep going!

My first post ever in this forums, just to introduce myself and keep my account alive lol.


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I'm Sarim Khan, a class 12 student from Bangladesh, South asia.

I was very font of AOE series and that drugs my attention to 0 A.D, as i dumped windows and became a linux user it seems 0.A.D is the only and better alternative to AOE.

Beside a student, I'm a developer mainly. I also like to experiment with new new linux distros. I'm a die hard opensuse fan.

Most of the time saw sitting front of my Computer. I program in java and php mainly. Sometime also experiment with mono , qt/c++. I'm learning python nowadays.

Thats ME Sarim :D

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My apologies for not introducing myself sooner to the community.

My real name is John, I'm a member of a few gaming communities but know mostly at freedom reborn where I meshed and animated a lot of different characters for the freedom force games several years ago. I don't get as much spare time to create things in 3ds max as I use to but I still enjoy it when I do get the chance. I've thought about applying several times to the art team here to try and join the team but not sure if I'd be much help since extra time seems a bit more rare the past few years. Another thing I enjoy doing in my free time is star gazing when its clear skies although I don't know my way around the skies all that great lol.

I've been keeping an eye on the development of this project for quite some time now. I'd like to say that I can tell a lot of labor of love has gone into the development of this project already. I love the layout of the main menu and the entire artwork is very professional looking keep up the great work. I've always enjoyed the historical based RTS games more than any other types of games and look forward to seeing it when its completed.


Sorry for starting another thread. Admin please delete the other thread if needed I noticed this thread after I posted :(.

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Greetings Community,

I look forward to participating more fully in future in this community. But for now, I shall preserve my account, and focus on my examinations. -smile-

Been playtesting the Alpha for a bit, enjoying this diamond in the rough immensely.

I will let you know my thoughts more thoroughly at a later date.

Hope to make many positive acquaintences here.

-Konstantin Strategos Augustus

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