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Were there any ideas for the implementation of the deforestation stat? I assume it would be the percentage of the total trees that were cut down; but I imagine it would be non-trivial to get the total number of trees in the map at the beginning of the round.

Right, percentage of total trees that were cut down. I wouldn't think it would be difficult to simply tally up the number of tree entities in the map's XML.

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We need icons for the winners as well as for the player with the highest score.

I don't see the point of the Vegetarian Ratio stat? What does it tell you about someone's game? Nothing.

Does there need to be a specific point to it? I assume it was put in simply because it gives you an idea of how much farming someone in comparison to how much use they made of livestock.

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What about promotions?
I think that is a good idea. How many units were promoted to advanced and elite, that would be good.

Another idea that kind of goes along with that... back in the day, we had an idea to randomly generate a name for each human in the game (to encourage players to form an attachment with their units, to personalize them, and not encourage using units as fodder :P - use them as a real good general would). If this was re-implimented, it would be fun to see which unit had the most kills in the summary screen. Perhaps it was your champion Cachamwri Ap Pwyll or maybe it was your opponents champion Antaeus Thetis?

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randomly generate a name for each human in the game

Should be easy to implement - all we need is for someone to do the research to describe exactly how names are constructed for each civilisation (and for each gender within that civ, and for each significantly-different social class within that gender and civ), and provide a list of probably at least a hundred choices for each component of each type of name (to avoid an excessive amount of duplication), which surely can't be that hard :P

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5 of the 6 civs are already done. Example:



Taken from some research done years ago that can be found here:


Carthage could be picked up from something like this: http://babynamesworld.parentsconnect.com/phoenician-names.html

Names could be done in a few different ways:

First Name <son of> Father's Name

First Name, Last Name

First Name <of> Town Name

Historians would probably be better to say which is most appropriate for which civ.

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