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"fan suggestions for words relating to the ancient world"

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From my comment on the web page:

Cerberus - three-headed dog, would make a great editor unit.^^

Charon - ferryman of the Underworld - well, this is perhaps a bit too dark-mooded, after all

Clio - the muse of historiography

Clotho - one of the three parces (fate godesses of Romano-Greek mythology)

Colossus - I am talking of the one in Rhodos.:ok:

Forgot about Cyclops. You could also take Cyrus, Caesar, Caros or Carthage and take it as a opportunity to include the related faction.:)

Citadel would also be nice.

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That photo is funny.

I actually like Citadel or Clio more. I also think that the first alpha to include a third playable faction should use a word relating to them, but I have no clue when that will happen.

Though if every alpha is going to include some special editor-only unit or object relating to its name, then I definitely like Cerberus. :ok:

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