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I clicked on this video hoping for some sweet acoustic metal. I was slightly disappointed until the last half-ish of the video. :P

I watched the whole thing and really liked the short part when he sings with a little deeper voice.

Looking at some other videos on youtube I think it's a shame that he rarely sings with a deeper voice... but there's no accounting for taste.

Something else:


Unfortunately I missed a concert in Switzerland last month :(

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Dude I love that video! I saw it a few months back when I was doing some research. I find it funny how they just mock the problems, really takes your mind off of them. Watch their

about the Zeitgeists vs Paul on the economy :D

All of them are great, yes. Just chose this one.

And I love how the character Robert Foster gets on the one hand confused by his interview partners (somehow taking their point of view serious) but in the end stays critical. This somehow shows the process of realization. He does not really "know better" afterwards but he might have a clue that most others telling they would "know" it better don't either. Especially if they have a wide medial presence. I think there are two kinds of people needed to solve complex problems: One type to solve it or at least find a serious possibility to better it and the other to widely spread it so it gets backed by a broad community to have any chance of getting social reality. I guess both abilities are seldom found in the same character ^^. So the problem stays: How to connect the first type with the second? ;)

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Lol their was 123 posts before me now it 124 I messed it up...

U mad bro!?!?

But anyways the song I'm donating is called Big Muff by Reggie Watts

Watch it on youtube its the weirdest music video you will ever see in the history of your life

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