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I like it. I heard this ballad before in Haggard performance, and I like that version too. Indeed there is lot of versions from different artists and on different languages: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herr_Mannelig#Performed_By .

Thank you for those links, I didn't know there's a swiss german version (by "Des Königs Halunken"). :D

Even though the quality on youtube is quite bad, it's very funny if you understand what they are singing.

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Glad to hear that, that's the point of TLI, to bring happiness back to music.

ANYWAY back on course:

Bewarned, the following music is too awesome for young and immature Viewers. (or if you don't have the stomach for it)



Oh and if i might make one Honoring to Johnny Cash.

RiP, you were and are the best. You should be a holy man of your own religion. The Religion of music



This is a Nine inch nails cover, it was played with similar but different meaning to the original. And was recorded one week before this great mans death.

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Hey, guys, look at this video. Paula Fernandes (feat. Victor & Leo) singing "Não Precisa" (No Need, in English). This girl is hot, has a great voice and nice music. Her style is called "Sertanejo". If you got time, please read the translating i did and tell me what you think 'bout the music.

Você diz que não precisa / You say there's no need

Viver sonhando tanto / To live dreaming so much

Que vivo a fazer / That i use to do

Demais, por você / So much for you

Diz que não precisa / Say there's no need

A cada vez que canto / Each time i sing

Uma canção a mais, pra você / One more music, for you

Mas tem que ser assim / But it has to be this way

Pra ser de coração / To be with heart

Não diga não precisa / Don't say there's no need

Ah Ah Ahh

Tem que ser assim / It has to be this way

É seu meu coração / Yours is my heart

Não diga não precisa / Don't say there's no need

Ah Ah Ahh

Eu já sonhei com a vida / I've already dream about the life

Agora vivo um sonho / Today i live the dream

Mas viver ou sonhar / But to live or to dream

Com você, tanto faz / With you, doesn't matter

Não diga não precisa / Don't say there's no need

Eu digo que é preciso / I say there is!

A gente se amar demais / For us to love each other too much

Nada a mais / Nothing more

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Time to rape this playlist with some crazy Welshmen



And since I'm on topic

My FATHERS Live music channel. I'm in most of his videos shouting my lungs out :victory:

and my mum too sadly. :/ :shrug:


I highly suggest listening to OVER REACTOR (ALL OF IT darnIT)

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I've been reading this thread on reddit about music that's played by someone you don't expect. Usually music that you always was sung by a black guy and turns out it's some white guy or something. Usually what happened back in the 1950s-1970s was the record labels would create white acts to riff on black music styles so that the edgier "black" music was palatable to a wider 9white) audience:


And then there's the song I've always loved, but never realized it was sung by a black woman wearing dreads. :)

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I can't believe i didn't do this earlier

This is the music i've been listening to since.. I was 11 or 10 even. 5/6 years ago, Jolly gosh RIGHTIO. OK

Today, we are doing a comparison between Trent Reznor's Hurt. And Johnny cash's hurt.

They are entirely different songs, though being the same. It hurt's to think about it.

First of all, The Original.

For Trent, it is all about his drug use and how it is ruining his life and how he desperately wants to quit, but he just can't.

And now For Johnny Cash.

It's all about him reflecting back on his Life, and reflecting on how he was Basically alone, as all his friends and family.. had passed on. "what have i become, my sweetest friend", Is him reflecting on how he became a monster in his own eyes.

Rest in peace Johnny.

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