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9 minutes ago, m7600 said:

Yes, indeed.

Here's a great band from your country:



Yes, the biggest of national metal, in my teens I heard a lot, today I like calmer and more epic things.

I'm not a big fan, but the idea of singing in Tupi is very interesting and I like the vocalist's voice.


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11 hours ago, Lopess said:

Yes, the biggest of national metal, in my teens I heard a lot, today I like calmer and more epic things.

I already forgotten Sepultura, but the mention and your remark made me remember one of my favourite albums 20+ years ago


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Ooh, Music stuff.
Here, some Australian style stuff.
Warning: Rude words here. (From the country down south where we have discovered how to say "Go @#$% yourself" when we actually mean "I love you".)
If you like any of it, please visit the bandcamp sites and buy something. :help: Covid hit us harder than most developed Countries and our music scene is collapsing because of our incompetent GOVT. Every donation helps! Bread and Circuses, right? Music being circus.
Let's start with some of the classics, Frenzal Rhomb, the One band which has been holding up the Australian Punk rock scene on it's (Camel-like) shoulders by itself from 1992. And they only have 1/1:30 songs too. And darn did they do a great job.

^One of their better songs.
If you want to listen to all the music or even buy some, go here:

Next: The Up-and-coming big guys from Tasmania (the little island south of Sydney in NSW AUS)
Luca Brasi, if anyone's watched godfather i bet you know where they found that name.

Next: The Bennies, A Ska Band from Melbourne. They Really love Drugs, Specifically Cannabis. Trust me, I've seen them do a lot of it with my own eyes (my family are friends with most of the bands here, so.... rigged advertisement? :D)
They're like Frenzal Rhomb in that they do short-fast songs but they have lots of them, so it makes up for it.  And having a joint between each song... You can imagine how high they get lol.

Next: One of my personal Favorites, Amends.
They are an Up-and-Coming band from Western Sydney (Blues).
They also have a new album they released last month, which is very good too.
They're a very light-core Punkrock band and this is their outgoing song from the album So far from Home. Also my favorite. There's also "Hells Bells" which is very unique and creative. Got a beat to it.
You can find their stuff at

Next, Corpus, 2 Brothers who have a mental disease, Clinical Depression i think?
So they took up music and went Crazy with it to keep their mental problems down. darn they are intense live.

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