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New Celtic Buildings


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Check out some of the new Celtic buildings, to be included in Alpha II, and their functions:


1. Broch (Brythonic fortress-class building): Train Brythonic heroes and super unit.

2. Marchanty (Celtic market-class building): Train traders, barter resources; research economic improvements.

3. Celtic Barracks: Train citizen-soldiers; research military improvements.

4,5. Outposts (Scout Tower-class buildings): Scout the lay of the land; garrison units inside for an attack and vision bonus.

6. Tavern (scenario object): +10 population, train female citizens and traders.

7. Celtic Corral: For herding domesticated animals.

8. Kennel (Special Building): Train Celtic war dogs.

9. Farmstead: Gather food within its aura; research food gathering improvements.

10. Mill: Mine and Lumber within its aura.

11. Hermit's Hut (scenario object): +5 population.

These are just some of the goodies included in the next alpha, along with victory conditions, formations, a revamped in-game GUI and more!

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I just had a look on the new Civic Centre for the Celts. Great work!

Was the "round house" style appropriate for "meeting halls" or "thronerooms", though? (which I think are meant to be represented in a Civic Centre) I was under the impression that Celts gathered in long houses. You may prove me wrong, however.

(And even if it is not accurate, don't change it!:D)

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Here's a thought for y'all...

As well as the attached-to-buildings beautification objects, why not have some that spawn around buildings based on a pseudointelligent algorithm to create the feeling so common in promotional screenshots and so lacking in gameplay ones of a functional town?

Things like, say, a fence around houses at the edge of a village facing away from other buildings... a little dirt trail between a house and an adjoining work building... a bush between a house and an adjoining warehouse or other industrial facade... basically, just spread out the detail objects over time.

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Thats a good idea, omicron1. something we should think abt. anyway sorry abt that lion, we still can't figure out how to get it to work. I'll ask Philip soon.

@narayana: I use Blender, so the new models were made in Blender and exported through Max, becoz something seems to be wrong with the collada exporter on Blender.

As for the renderer, i thinks its our own renderer which we built from scrap. don't know much abt it though so i'll let Philip answer that.

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Two things i dont like. Mill ... The model is good but its role is missed. Mill is for farms as far as i know. It would be better to add lumberjack and mine like good old Age of Empires 2 have it :D.

Kennel, the model is good but add some eyecandy for dog training in that times. Other models are great.

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The new Celtic buildings are nice, but I just want to make a few suggestions. (I avoided saying anything up until now, just to ward off first impressions.)

All of the buildings are nice. I thinking that a Grand Hall would be really nice for the Civil Center. Not that the round one is bad, but I don't think we need round buildings all that much. The current round Civil Center just seems like it should be a special building or something. A smaller version of it could perhaps make a good Market?

The Market is too epic IMO. It's a fantastic building, but it dominates all the other buildings (which is great if it is a building of that importance, but it's just a market). Maybe use the Market building for the Civil Center or a special building?

The front triangle of the main building on the Barracks is great. Maybe use that style for a Civil Center Great Hall or on the Market?

These are just a few thoughts I had that I've been considering since you released these buildings. Feel free to ignore. :victory:

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