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Fog of War, Lions and Lionesses, oh my!


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I'm guessing the other needed animations are:

1x run

2x attack variations

2x die

1x walk

Possibly also an "eating" animation if you want it to interact with other animal NPCs.

2x idle would be great too... one where they lay down for a while and stand back up. Perhaps make 1 long idle animation and one short one, each one starts and ends with them standing. 1 attack might suffice, but we'll see. I think 2x-3x is always best for variation, but since lions are relatively rare they can probably get by with one animation (a kind of lunging swipe). An "eating" animation, how they kind of eat while laying prone, would be bloody brilliant too. Good idea! I can imagine a pride of lionesses crowded around a dead zebra eating it. lol

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