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They ought to work - the test_gen project generates a load of test_*.cpp files, and the test project compiles them. What output do you get when building just the test_gen project?

Edit: Oh, but if your SVN checkout is in a directory containing spaces then it won't work. The build page on the wiki warns about that ;). (Probably just a minor quoting error in the build system somewhere which ought not to be terribly hard to fix.)

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See #482 for a tiny bit of information. I think build/premake/src/Src/vs.c is probably the relevant file (look for "cxxtest" and try to work out what it's outputting into the .vcproj files and what it should output instead). (Use the Premake.sln to compile; I think you then have to manually copy premake/src/bin/premake.exe into premake/ to use it.)

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