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Requires digitally signed drivers


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The alpha will not run under windows 7 x64 because windows 7 requires a digitally signed driver.

The game has a error and won't launch because of this (I am fairly sure)

There is a way to override windows 7 behavoiur in this but I need the full path to the driver:


Do you know where I can find it?

Thanks, Aly ;)

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Greetings! The driver in question is binaries\system\aken.sys (plus its 64-bit and debug-mode variants).

Does the driver warning really torpedo the entire game, rather than asking you whether it's OK? That's a bit harsh.

You can prevent the driver from being used by specifying -wNoMahaf on the command line. I am also somewhat closer to being able to finally sign the code, because my employer has the requisite PKI (but the ever-worrying legal department is first checking to see if that might lead to increased liability..)

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