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territorial/provincial question

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in Empire Earth II, territories were implemented in each and every map. in the scenario editor for that game(which is pretty clunky), it was impossible to edit the borders of territories, as far as i could tell

my question is: for 0 AD, in provincial maps on the scenario editor, will it be possible to edit the borders of provinces? for example, if you wanted to make a map of north america with present-day state/provincial borders, would you be able to edit it as such? cuz sometimes in EE2, there would be little "handles" to a territory (kind of like on real-world Oklahoma in the US) that serve no purpose whatsoever

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but would it be possible in the editor to change the reach of the borders? like, as i said before, to match the modern-day borders of counties in a given country(like a map of italy having territorial borders matching with the present day)?

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