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Fix some persian name

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Hi all.

I check this : http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Civ%3A_Persians and then I found some mistakes. (Just in names, Translation and spells)

1- Zhupinandaz Frighi

Persian : ژوبین انداز فینیقی

Zhupinandaz : Zhubin Andaz is correct (If you want to use Zhubinandaz its OK too, but in Persian Andaz means Some one who throw things, so Its better to be seperated from Zhubin (B not P ) .)

Frighi : Its total incorrect, We call Phrygia Phinighi(فینیقی), so the correct word in Persian is Phinighi

2- Kamandar Kappadoki : Katpatuka is the correct word.

3- Usubari Tazi. :

I cant find Usubari, and don't know any thing about, If you mean any one who run a camel then its "Shotor Savar" .

4-Aspe Zerehdar Balkhi :

Asbe is correct and Balkh is one of the city after Islam, so its not a good idea to use this city in this game.

5-Asabari Madi : Asabari? means nothing (May be I should say in my knowledge its mean nothing) And I think its "Asb Savare Madi " , Suggest Part instead of Mad , They are very famous in this case

6-Chaharcharkhe Pars : Arabeye Pars is better word than Char charkhe (Some thing that have 4 wheel) At least Chariot means Arabe :)

7-Banu Miyanrudani : Mianrudi is very clear , Mianrudani is not correct , After all Mesopotamian means Beinolnahrein (Arabic word in persian language) But Mianroud is better for a Persian Replacement, even this mean A rud , not two Rud.

8-Tamkarum Arami : Tajere Arami

to be continued....

Thanks , F0ruD

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Ancient language of Parsi have some difference with current language, But some how I can understand that too, I learn that when I was in high school :) not very good but I can understand it. After all if you want to use Ancient language, Then you should use all term in that style, but some terms are not in ancient like Neyzedar Madi . This is in current Persian language, not in old one. or Kappadoki is not even in old language, Its not current too.

So I just suggest some fix, to make them understandable for Persian people.

Thanks , F0ruD

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Forud, thanks for your contribution, it certainly looks like you know your stuff. However, I recommend you please write more clearly, it is hard to keep track of your corrections.

I suggest for each correction you write:

1. What the name of the unit is in English

2. The current (incorrect) Persian translation

3. Your suggested translation

4. Any comments you'd like to add, like what the original mistake was, how your suggestion corrects it, any doubts you may have about your correction, how the word looks like in the modern (Arabized) Persian writing system, interesting background details that have to do with history or the Persian language etc.

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Thank you for your contributions. As I don't know much Persian I can not comment on your accuracy but I do want to correct you on one point. As far as I am aware asabari or asabaran (depending on linguistic context) is a real Persian term that is used to denote medium or skirmish cavalry. I have seen the term used primarily to denote the cavalry of Media and Arachosia during the Achaemenid, Hellenistic, and Parthian periods.

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After this post , I found a new book , And for now, finding that book is one of my first priorities. (The book is in English :) And not available in Iran, nor available Online in any source that I know :ok: even Torrents and Peer to Peer programs ...


This is the link of this book in author pages. He is one of the most famous and knowledgeable person about Persian history (of course not the best in my idea but one of the bests) so I must find this before any talk about this names.

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Yes, Dr. Farrokh is one of the leading scholars of Pre-Islamic Iranian history in the world. I am proud to say that I do in fact own his book, Shadows in the Desert, and I do intend on using it for 0 AD when I am able. I have not read much of it yet, I have not had the time, but so far it is proving a great and useful work.

Thanks again for your interest in 0 AD, Forud.

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Thanks guys for this game :)

Here's another thing I noticed:

Persian Special Building

The written Persian Name is: Kahk (wrong)

A More Correct Name: Kakh (right)

The name in current persian language: کاخ which means "fortress"


Also, I think "Banu Miyanrudani" is correct according to what I learned in school. I agree that currently we say "Miyanrudi" but in old times, the postfix "an" was used for place names too (other than groups of things). Like we have: "Kandooan" or "Sepahan". So "Miyanrudan" means the place of Miyanrud which is correct.

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