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By "nothing related to it", do you mean the game logic is not developped yet ?

I've seen some screenshots on your website, nice ... One of them shows two ships with infantry units on the deck, that looks great.

I am indeed working on a quite big map (256x256) which will be played as a "catch the flag" map if you see what I mean (players will have to control territories to win), and one of these territories will have to be won only by naval battle (this will be a kind of atoll surrounded by large sea areas). But for now, the game is not mature enough to be able to use this map (units can "walk" under the sea, ships can't garison troups, siege units are not available, ...). So I'll wait that the team release a more complete set of units and a more advanced game logic.

Subsidiary question (and you don't have to answer me if you don't want) : all these improvements (units on the deck, siege units, ...) and others (other civs for example) aren't present in the source code but if I'm right, we can see it on some screenshots sometimes, so you (developpers) might be playing/working (choose the one that best fits :) ) with another set of files, don't you ?

Anyway, keep on doing this kind of good job, this is what end-users are waiting for !

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The code that is released is (very nearly) all the code we have - we don't have any private new features or changes. (The only exception is a couple of external tools which aren't being released as open source, and aren't really related to the game but were convenient to put in SVN originally.)

The art that is released (models, textures, etc) is only for 2 of the 6 civs - the others are currently private, and still largely work-in-progress. (Some maps that rely on the private data are private too.)

The screenshots are carefully arranged and sometimes cheat a bit to get the right effect when features are missing from the engine, e.g. I guess you make it look like units were standing on ships by raising tiny patches of land to just beneath the deck and then stand the units on there while the ship is in the water.

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OK, so I'll wait for the game to be a bit more advanced before working on the map. Waiting isn't a problem for me, the project is so interesting and anyway isn't life mostly made of waitings at last ?

As I don't have any skills that could help the project go faster and I am absolutely not a hardcore gamer, I can wait for the game, letting it go at its speed, just amazing me now magnificent things I can create in Atlas :)

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I'm sure there are ways you could help the project without needing crazy programming skills or anything like that :). If you figure out how Atlas works then maybe you could write some kind of documentation for new users, or suggest features that would make your life easier, or report bugs, or make pretty screenshots, or all sorts of other things which I can't quite think of :D

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Philip is right about everything, except one: Some ships actually have prop points on them that allow us to prop units on them. However the entity code isnt mature enough to allow us to do anything with these propped units or to even ungarrison them. :) These were the older ships using the PMD file format, which the engine could read and use prop points from non-boned meshes. The newer ships are Collada and the engine still cant read prop points from non-boned collada files yet.

Anyways, to sum up, for popping to work (garrisoned units on ships, garrisoned units atop battlements, etc.) there's a few things we need:

- Implementation of functional garrisoning.

- Support for prop points on non-boned Collada meshes.

- Support in the entity code for allowing the propping (garrisoning) of other entities onto these prop points.

- Allowing the base entity and the propped entities to function separately.

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