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Announcement - Legends Of The Old World


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Sorry we are not going to be merging projects, both are very different games. We are having Asian civilization and Honor And Glory with the Western European.

That is misunderstanding. Aim of "For Honour and Glory" is not specifically targeted on Western Europe. You can see Byzantines, Egyptians, Russians and others were also researched.

Chinese and others are missing not due to aim of the mod but simply because nobody did the research.

Either if we merged games there would still be problems with leadership, we are a locally based team, Honor And Glory is on the web.

That is yet another misunderstanding.

I expressed myself in way that it would be good if core team did just few civs and if anybody wanted to add another, then he could freely contribute.

How can you be locally based team when you are alone and blablahead is probably not from Russia.

I respect your decision. Do as you wish. I don't mind if you use my research and model (somewhat basic, but I think that it is satisfactory) for your mod.

And problems with leadership? I'm not the leader. I'm initiator, but not the leader. I wanted to organize work in rather loose manner.

But too few people were interested anyway.

Maybe I'll do some modeling and texturing for mod just for fun.

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I don't know if this Mod is still alive or whats happening.

But I think I should encourage you people to include Vikings (Scandinavians). They were a big "player" in the medieval (at least early medieval and dark age) ages. AND they are fun, because you could do so much fun with their way of fighting. Crazy people, no fear of death (they WANTED to die in combat, or else they would go to hell!)

Also, to clarify:

Vikings were NOT nomads. They were farmers. You always hear about the Vikings that they were these people who sailed far away, raping, killing, stealing and all that... and then moved on.

This is not 100% true.

They were farmers and merchants. Not just warriors.

Anyways, good luck with your mod. If you make it.

And i agree with some of these people here, cut down some of the factions. Age II is a full game. This is a mod.

Also, it would make the mod better if you try to make fewer factions better. Maybe have all units on all factions different?

Anyways, just my thought, good luck !! :)

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I just registered and im a history fan and like video games.

Is this thing still active ? I see your talking about medivial times and wanting to include not very known factions/states

well what about something overlooked by most games of this era ? Im maltese so i would be more than happy to help you with research on the knights of Malta, Hospitallers . who had a state of their own and an army and a navy ( wich later denied the ottomans from conquering malta and even took part in the lepanto battle ) The knights of malta were/are the oldest knighthood , knowing their birth in the early medievel , going true all the reinassance and being able to stay alive to this very day.

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