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No - all the animations are pre-computed by the artists, so deaths don't have any real-time physics. It'd take quite a lot of effort to implement (partly on the programming side, and partly on the art side preparing all the models with detachable pieces and defining their collision shapes and chopping up buildings into flingable pieces and whatever), and the benefit isn't huge (it's just a fun graphical effect, not something fundamental to the game), and we have limited resources, so we haven't considered it worthwhile.

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At this point in time, implementing real-time physics is not something we are considering due to a number of factors, including the limited number of staff working on the game, and our desire to release the game within an acceptable time period. It is worth noting that most of the benefits from implementing real-time physics into 0 A.D. would be graphical, instead of gameplay, enhancements. We realize that gamers crave more immersion from the games they play, and we hope to give them that in 0 A.D. through our historical accuracy and strategic gameplay.

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