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Paul Still Lives!

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Hey guys, just popped back to the forums to say hi and let you know that I still breathe. The work here at WFG is amazing, everyone is doing a great job and its great to see new faces!

Busy time for me, since I am currently job hunting and getting ready for convocation tomorrow (Saturday). Yes, after all those years of toil and hardship, here I am ready to grad with a Bachelor of Commerce. Just like 0 AD, if you stick with it and believe completely it will happen :)

So what's the news on the forums? Who is still here? Mike, Eric, and Jan are here, who else? :D

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Great to see you around here :) And congratulations on being so close to finishing your studies (I'm hopefully getting close too, but it's something with me and theses/papers :D So it might take a bit longer than it should in the worst case, but I'm close in any case.)

I spell my name with a 'k' btw =)

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