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In-game Taunts


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I'm going to throw in a request for a couple:

"Everything is proceeding as I have forseen." (Anyone here sound like Ian McDiarmid?)

"Hmm. This is going to take some doing."

"Blast. I knew I shouldn't have taken those cheat codes out." (Naturally with a secret number, only accessible by 0 A.D. programmers)

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Stop it or the dancing bananna's gonna get you!

And thats why you shouldnt raid me.

Raiding Party!

You call that a town?


Salvete Omnes! (hello everybody in latin which would go with this game)

(pronounced: Sal-way-tay Om-nays)

I'm a nerd, I know everything about 0ad so your going to lose!

I hate it when people beat me

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