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Tamedwater Games (TWG) is in the process of developing a freeware game. he name of this project is 0 B.C. ("zero be-see"), a historically based Real Time Strategy game focusing on the years 1000 B.C. to 1000 A.D. The game will be released in four parts: the first exploring B.C and the second A.D.

In includes 10 civilizations: Romans, Celts, Iberians, Carthaginians, Persians, Hellenes, Mauryans, Chinese, Japanese and the Xiongnu. Each will have unique features and units.

In short, it is a war/economy strategy game allowing you to recreate or rewrite the ancient history of western and eastern civilizations.

What is in it for me? Why would someone play our game over another game?

I think the largest factor in answering that question would be that the game is more than FREE. We will pay you 100$ to download our game. Perhaps not the best reason why people will play our game, but it should not be discredited.

For further details, our website is here at http://tamedwatergames.com/

~Robert (aka Brightgalrs)

0 B.C. Conspirator

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