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A terrains showcase would be nice also, but Michael has already post this month screen.

And if you look closely, you would see that my last post was not made at 3:00 am but at 5:29 am ;)

I looked closely at the post before that :shrug: But 5:29 AM is early in the morning (and thus late to be up) too =)

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Not sure what the file size of Atlas would be, not only are there a bunch of different files and I don't know exactly which are relevant to Atlas, but it also depends on what you consider to be a part of it. Models and texures etc are not a part of the program as such, but Atlas is pretty useless without something to edit ;) Later we intend to include some other programs which are now separate into Atlas so it'll change in any case.

The reason you're seeing another time is that you live in a different part of the world :shrug:

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