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like the title says what is currently being done in the progress of the game and what is still left to do. i kno thats kinda vague but im trying to find out if i can help any (i mainly do art both 3D and texturing and im clueless about any kind of scripting)

are you guys finished with the art or is there still some left to do?

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Oh yaeh, that's right - You only have the phalanx formation ATM?

i think they have some roman ones by the looks of some of the screens

Traders need implemented (traveling between Markets), Siege engines need implemented, garrisoning, ships, better pathfinding, high level AI, and formations need implemented

i noticed in the gameplay movie that the pathing of some units was very rigid and grid-locked so im glad that the team is taking time to polish that up. As for ai i dont really care because the only single player that i will play is the campaigns which usually come with a custom scripted AI of simply move the other players units with triggers

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In short... a bunch :)

The longer story is everything is kind of a sandbox, its also a process of finding out if our ideas are good in gameplay as well as on paper, thats why we're a little uncomfortable discussing features in specifics, though we'll tell you what we think and how we'd like it to be, so long as you guys participate in that process with us and recognize it as such and know things could potentially change based on whats fun and what isn't.

That didn't have much to do with formations, but I felt like putting that out there :banana:

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If that's all I needed to be a Beta tester, then I wouldn't worry.

I remember you said something about the qualifications, and I saved it into Microsoft NoteBook :P

"Hmm, I see a chance to be evil :) =)

But no, I won't be. :banana:

The exact details will be decided later, but in general I'd say:

* being active at the forums

* being able to show some skill at RTS games

* having a computer that can run 0 A.D. (of course :banger: )

* having enough free time to be able to test the game enough

* being able to submit bug reports

* being responsible (hard to check, but anyway, it's something we'll look for in those who'll be a part of the beta testing)

* and perhaps cookies, lots of cookies :crash::D (that would make it non-free though, so forget that (n) )"

So after reading that about 1000 times, I think I'm ready.

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