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I was wondering, what'll happen to the bodies of a dead soldier? Will it disapere like in AoE III, or will it sink to the ground making an impression of the body like in AoM, or will it stay for a while and slowly decompose or something? Because I'd really like a body to stay there for a while, or you could just make an options setting on how long the bodies should stay.

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Ok, to put this question in a simpler form:

What will happen to the bodies of the soldiers when they die?

And a new question, What will happen to the debris of the buildings when they are destroyed?

I like AoK's way to put bodies the best

decompose but not sinking into the ground like in AoM.

Also, this hit me; will there be a special death to the people who die from catapaults and other things like it like in Warcraft III?

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Hey I got 2 ideas.

there could be tree options:

1: that players could chose for dead bodys that they quikly sink in the earth after they die

for people with low computer graphics card or processor

2: that bodies lay long on the field and decompose slow.

here it can be that the persons can be carried away and can be burnt and if u do you get points for it (or point systems, I don't know what is used in the game) and metal resources for the armor

3: the same as 2 but with the extra that a simple version of the armor is staying for a long time

if u are to late with burning the body, it can be that u get metal resources for the armor(recycling), but no points. and every player can get the armor but not if the dead person isn't just decomposed

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As I believe have been explained before that is due to the game not having a particle system yet, the current blood is just a texture, so it can't really fly through the air. Unfortunately we don't have anyone on the team to develop a particle system at the moment, so you'll all have to wait to see any effects requiring that :)

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