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Why, hullo thar!

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Well, I'm Trevor. There are multiple Aliases that I call mine, my current being Politus Aquila in most places. I enjoy... hmm... I'd say what I enjoy, but I'm afraid that the servers that hold up this forum may not have the capacity to keep up so much info. :)

To sum it up, though:



3D Graphics Creation

Strategy Games (Turn based and Real Time)

Role playing

Pardus (Screen name on the Artemis server: Camun Haja)

XBox and its accoutrement.

Target practice with my BB Gun.

Lotsa other stuff.

I come from the mysterious GMT -5 Time zone! OOOOOOH! :)

And, finally, from what I've seen of 0AD... if it were a human being, I'd kiss it. XD

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Welcome Politus!!! :)

I am also new to the community and WFG team. It is inspiring to be a part of this project with such an active community consisting of many talented and creative individuals like yourself! :)

EDIT: p.s. HG-Alex your signature banner is great. I love it.

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