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Hey hey. Some of you may know me from AoMH.

Yeah, i followed Mythos_Ruler's sig.

Sorry, couldn't help poking around.

So, hows everything going?

Hope to get to know you all,


PS. 0 A.D. looks amazing. Well done guys :)

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Oh i will!

I might even be able to help along the way. I'm a fairly good graphics artist :). But not so good for something like this!

Anyways, I can't wait till this gets done. Keep up the good work

Also, hows the editor status? It game looks wonderful, i can't wait to get onto making some scenarios :)


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Kinda. I joined the end of December.

Will the game be able to run on a mac? or willi have to dual boot? Either way, i'm going to run this :)



- Windows® 2000 or greater (or Linux®)

- 1.6 Ghz Processor or greater

- 256+ Mb RAM

- 64 Mb Geforce3/Radeon 8500 (or equivalent)

Okay :)

i'm not a OS expert. Does this mean i can run it on Ubantu?

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Well, as always expected minimum requirements and the like are not to be taken too seriously. 0 A.D. will run on both Windows, Mac and Linux (as many different versions as are reasonable, but I'd guess Windows XP and most likely Vista, at least one version of Mac OS X and a bunch of Linux varieties, so yeah Ubuntu is very possible).

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