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Final Christmas present


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As a belated Christmas present and the final part of our Christmas/New Year's promtion effort, we've added a new music track to the Audio Page; a piece of battle music for the Roman civilization. Enjoy, and may the new year bring you much fortune and many war elephants.

Roman Battle I (remake)

2,5 mb / 1:43 min.

This track is a remake of a 4 year old battle piece. It quickly builds up to the Roman fanfare, which will become a recurring theme in the other Roman tracks. Also contains a brief segment of vocals provided by team leader Jason Bishop.

(Composed by Boris Hansen / Vocals by Jason Bishop)

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Great as always Boris! You've really managed to get all the tracks (that I've heard at least) to sound both individually unique and as parts of the same unity (and thus game). ;)

I really recommend everyone to download and listen to this :)

(Only side effect might be that one gets too enthusiastic and can't contain oneself waiting for the game and thus tries to hunt down the team and imprison everyone in a cave until the game is finished :drunk::) )

EDIT: (That would have to be a cave with plenty of computer horsepower and coffee of course :drunk: )

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Hmm, you're a demanding lot you WFG/0 A.D. fans :) We'll see if we'll bring forth something more, but I'd suggest that you wait for next month and get pleasantly surprised in case we get something more together for this month :) (We need to "get the team together" after Christmas and all if nothing else ;) )

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