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Bears, camels, deer, donkeys, elephants, goats, horses, sheep, tigers, walruses, whales, and wolves. That's all the info I've got. In fact, I've got pictures of each one of them (most of them low poly) that I kept. If it's not against any rules I can post them here.

I also have boats, units, buildings, trees, ect... for anyone who wants them. :)

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I've got pictures of each one of them

If you can, please do.

Which animals will actually be huntable and which will be predator only?

I think it would be great if we could have separate sections in the media category where we could view units, animals, buildings, etc. that have already been released (similar to heaven game's sections). We already have concepts, and that's good too, but I would like to see a section with closeup pictures of all of the units of each category in one spot. The information would be short, much shorter than a showcase, and would include units that have already been featured in showcases.

BTW, I called it the hunter smilie because of the psuedo "binoculars."

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Those aren't used / aren't our horses so far as I know (the high poly cinematic ones). They may have been used years and years ago for the intent of creating sprite artwork for the 0 A.D. mod or the 2d/3d version of the game (which was abandoned when we decided it would be full 3d). This however is ancient history from when the team was just getting together and the project barely started.

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