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WFG's June News Flash

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*Opening music*

Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen of the WildFireGames Community! I'm Joe Bail (A.K.A. TheCobra1), your new WFGBBC news reporter.

First, for some unofficial news, I'll give you a rundown on one person in our community that we're lucky to have with us today. At approximately 9:37 A.M. on Saturday Paul Basar (A.K.A. Paal_101) was driving through town in his Audi, enjoying the cool morning breeze when, for the heck of it, he threw his COPS dvd out the window. Little did he know that what would have been a very foolish act had actually stopped and diverted a sniper's 50 cal. bullet that was driving right in the direction of his head. We're glad you're still with us, Paul.

Now, for some official news.

It looks like our own Michael (A.K.A. Mythos Ruler) has produced a new screenshot! Yes, at last we get to see some water with a ship on it. The brireme looks marvelous, guys. You can look at it here: http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/album_page.php?pic_id=11035

Michael also excited a great deal of WFG's active community during his press conference on the 28th by saying "A select[ed] few people (20-30) will get something [in the way of beta] this year." When I attempted to dig into this more, Erik Johansson (A.K.A. Feneur) replied "Well, you'll know when the time has come. Right now you'll have to wait though." And is was promptly followed by Villi drooling, Lysimachus hoping he'll be one of the few, and friedd0g concurring.

Our very own Joseph (A.K.A. TheCobra1) quickly slapped together a comic strip for me that includes Paal_101 and TheCobra1. You can view that here:


Well, that will be all for our first WFGBBC news flash. I'm Joe Bail, thank you and good night.

*closing music*

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Thanks. :)

Unfortunately, I don't have the computer software (Like photoshop) to do something computer animated like I had hoped. The characters are relatively easy to come up with. Like, what comes up when you think of Michael? Easy - Greek hoplight. What about Seth? Some Egyptian infantryman with a skin-plated shield. Jason? Some barbarian with a hammer. :) Zezar? Viking! At first, my brother (Daenar) pinged the general character off of the spud patatoes from Keen Dreams (DOS game). I modified it a bit.

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Funny stuff ;)

Keep them coming :)

( I hope I didn't sound to mean or something, if that's the case then I'm sorry since it was just meant as a fact :D We like that you're interested though, so don't let any dead ends stop you :P )

(And when it comes to software there are many good and free graphics programs, so don't let any don't-have-Photoshop feelings stop you, or something :);) )

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Nah, you didn't sound mean, Erik. In fact, if you hadn't said anything, roughly 10% of my post wouldn't be there. :)

At the moment I'm learning (slowly) how to use GIMP. I've heard it's pretty good in the way of free software.

Thanks for the comments, guys! Hopefully, I'll be interviewing some of you in the future. :)

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