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Got a New Toy, a Roman Toy

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Here's a picture of my new pride and joy, the Pompeii gladius from Find-It-Armories. It is roughly 30 inches long and comes for a very reasonable price, well within the budget of a poor college student. Additionally the Find-It-Armory gladius is highly regarded among reenactors for its accuracy and manufacture. Although not nearly as tough as the Albion gladii, the FIA example is a great starting piece. More Roman equipment to come in the future!

Sad part is that I haven't actually held it yet, so if you are wondering, it is my mother holding the piece. In a couple of weeks I should have pictures of myself with it :)


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Congratulations man... real nice piece of equipment... i have myself a pair of Katana's and Wakizachi's (sorry if i miss-spelled it) that i adore... ill be posting back a pic of them soon :)

They are quite reliable and rugged, and ive used them for sparring training alot, though, they are not sharpened :)

How about that gladius of yours? it looks quite cool really... is it useable? is it sharp?

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Wow now that is a cool lookin sword, one that I would like to buy one day down the road. About a year and some months ago I bought a albion squire line viking. I am currently working on making it a wood core scabbard. When I get it done I will have to post a pic of it on here. By the way what other kind of Roman gear do you have for your Roman impression?

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