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how much is the game finnised?

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The game is going to be natively playable on Linux-based OSs, that's one of the core features (y)

Our aim is to have it natively playable on Windows, Linux and probably Mac too.

Since there are so many different Linux-based OSs we can of course not promise that it'll work perfect on all at release time, but we'll try our best to get it working on as many systems as possible.

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yeah i know that thing too.it was in some video or something.

actually that is not quite true. According to the Mayan calendar the next recreation of the world type of thingie is on the 15th of October 4772. 2012 does have a special status within the Mayan culture but would have been a year they would have celebrated when it would come, rather than running around screaming and panicking.

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Oi. This title's spelling is getting on my nerves. Not to be picky over internet-speak, but it's annoying when it's so blatantly obvious to a poor speller such as myself.

Finnished makes me think about someone being finished with speaking Finnish. (y)

Oh well, perhaps I am being to picky, but it wouldn't be so bad if the word wasn't so close to another word. :)

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Hmm, not sure how to answer such a question. If I'd been able to look into the future I might have, but now I don't so I can't.

More seriously speaking though: It's a tough question, but unfortunately I guess it isn't too hard to answer. That the game won't be finished this year is most likely beyond all doubts, would require a miracle and the ability for everyone on the team to work full time on the game, so that's out of the question. And while we do hope and believe that a lot will happen next year I wouldn't promise anything. There are too many things which are uncertain, whether people will have the time, or motivation as people only have a moral obligation to do something for the game. Whether the number of bugs will be low, whether all practical stuff will work as good as they should, servers and ISPs etc. It doesn't take much to make the development take another extra week.

We're doing what we can though and hope you'll like our game when it's finished, we've spent "some" time at it already after all (y) (And the time I've spent cannot really be compared to those who have been on the team for years)

On another note, someone said something about not liking the title: That's not difficult to change, I would have done it a long time ago, but since it wasn't me who started the thread I've thought that it's not too fair to start to edit other people's text without telling them. But if you want us to change it we can do that, and it's just for the topic starter to go back and edit his first post if he wants to.

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It all depends on how quickly things are done and how much spare time people have. Remember, this isn't our primary job, we're volunteers. This isn't even a possible career path for some of us, but we do it because we enjoy it. Since volunteer work can't support the cost of living, we tend to finish the things we depend on before we get to work on this.

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As PPE said it depends on so many things, and it could be next year it could be the year after that, and if things are really bad even worse. So we cannot promise, or not even give any estimates. There are simply too many unknown factors.

There is one thing we can promise though, and that is that we'll do our best to get it done as good and as soon as we can under the circumstances we are under. (y)

It's nice to see all the enthusiasm though, and we appreciate that. And while we frankly might get a bit tired at answering questions we've heard many times and don't know the answer for we are very happy to notice that our efforts render this interest.

(And your interest is sure very motivating :) )

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I keep coming back to this site and decided to register, after The Zone took down online play for Age of Empires series (single player and other hosters had too little people), I quit gaming and started doing other things (friends, school, work) etc... Ancient RTS (Bullets has always killed games for me :) maybe it's the fact that you shoot them, they take damage and don't die/injure? Atleast with swords/arrows you tire after hitting each other) has always been my favourite type of game/thing to do, and I am impressed with the Wildfire team :banana:, they aren't cutting corners or anything.

Can't wait to see this game released, because I haven't seen any Ancient RTS worth playing since AoE.

I can only hope it comes out soon (y)

Best of luck and I hope it comes out in the next couple of years. (No sarcasm, just so no flaming goes on, making a game is rough.)

Well finally decided to post :) looks like it's going to be great game :banana:

Sorry about this post going on and on :) I'm just really tired :)


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Don't worry about being tired, I am too :)

(And one can't really tell by the rest of the post, it's really well written for being written in such a condition :) know from experience that things might get strange when you're tired (y) )

And we do also want it to be finished soon, but as getting it finished in itself doesn't give us much more than the satisfaction of having finished it we do prioritize making a good game :)

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(sorry for this off topic message)So I want to ask is this ati radeon 1250 a good videocard?I have read about it but I dont know much about these videocards so I thought that I would ask it here. So would mostly the new games work with this videocard?

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That does of course depend on what you mean by playing though :)

(While some aspects of the game are already far along, as you can see by the beautiful screenshots :D , some parts are not, so I'd not suggest joining just to be able to play the game in its present form. That's not to discourage people to in the future join as testers, but then they should be aware that it's not a finished game they will be playing :) )

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