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KASHTAN-M Anti-Aircraft Anti-Missile System

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Gotta love the Phalanx CIWS. Impressive to know there is a weapon that can fire at 6000 rounds per minute. 100 bullets every second in 20mm. World's greatest meat grinder, let alone pulverizing metal.

The Kashtan definately fits the Russian philosophy of low-flying attack aircraft supporting the army, hence the heavy reliance on auto-cannons. They still intend to fight that way in some manner, hence the need for such a defense in the Russian philosophy. And its nothing new. In World War II the Russians would shoot small arms, from flare pistols and handguns to rifles and submachine guns at low-flying German aircraft. Used up millions of rounds of ammunition, but over time they took out more than their fair share of aircraft. Continued in more dedicated ways with the ZSU-23 Shilka and ZSU-57, both of which come from the conceptual design, however indirect, of the German Flakpanzer IV.

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